Audiopimps – frequently asked questions

Who are the Audiopimps? The Audiopimps are an in-demand party covers band, consisting of five accomplished professional musicians based around the northwest. Our repertoire is carefully selected with the main aim of providing a dynamic and exciting show and maximise the amount of dancing and daft shape throwing.

How can I book The Audiopimps? Fill in the form overleaf. For an accurate quote please put the postcode of the venue as this will determine if any petrol or accommodation costs will be incurred.

How much does the band charge? The cost of hiring the Audiopimps varies due to a number of factors including: duration of performance, inclusion of DJ service, travel costs, and any special requirements. We will email you a price list/quote once you have completed the booking form.

How do you want to be paid? Cash on the night is preferred.

Does the band travel? The Audiopimps are based in Manchester but are willing to travel up to about 100 miles (2 hours drive) – distances greater than this may be considered but will incur additional cost to cover accommodation.

Are there any hidden costs? We ask that you provide hot food and refreshments while we are on site and also that you cover any parking fees we may incur whilst at the event.

How long does the band play for? The Audiopimps usually play two 45 minute sets but 2×60 minute sets can be requested for an extra fee.

What is the band line up? We are a five piece, with drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and lead vocals.

Does the band supply sound and lighting equipment? Yes we have an excellent PA system, which is adaptable to suit both small and larger venues, and always bring lights to illuminate the stage during our performance. If you’ve booked our DJ package then we’ll also provide disco lighting to illuminate the dancefloor (in this case we suggest you ask your venue if we are allowed to use our hazer as it makes the lights look loads better). Very large venues might however require a larger sound/lighting rig to be hired in, so please let us know if the room capacity is more than about 150 people (dining).

What will the band wear? The band will be wear smart suits, though they may spoil it by wearing hats!

Can we request songs? Please feel free to ask, though we reserve the right to decline requests (e.g. if they don’t suit Mike’s vocal range or our instrumentation) and do charge extra if we have to meet specially to rehearse a tune we’re unlikely to play again. Why not request the DJ play that special song instead? – that’s free!

Can you perform our first dance? As a general rule we encourage the first dance to be from a recording (see above).

Can you provide a disco? Yes, our drummer also moonlights as an excellent DJ.

Does the band have insurance? Yes we have public liability insurance totalling £9,000,000 for ourselves and our equipment.

Does the band have PAT test certificates? Yes, all of our equipment, including lights, is PAT tested. The relevant PAT tested certificates can be sent to your venue if they request them.

How long does the band need to setup and sound check? In general you should allow 90 minutes for us to set up and sound check, ideally at a time when guests are not in the room. If we need to arrive before 5pm this may incur an additional fee.

Are there any band requirements? A secure, clean and well-lit changing room with seating and electricity is ideal.

Can we see The Audiopimps live? As you’d expect, most of our weekends are taken up by performing at weddings and events, but we do have some public gigs that are perfect for prospective clients to come a see and hear us. Keep an eye on the gigs page of our website for details on our residencies at venues such as Knutsford Wine Bar, Fresh in Macclesfield or Hogan’s of Hale.

What happens if one of the Audiopimps is ill for my event? The band has a pool of dep musicians that can be called upon in the unlikely event that one of us is unable to play due to illness. We are proud to have never let a client down in this respect.

Top Tips 

 Sound Limiters! Every musician hates these devices, as they can really kill the atmosphere at an event depending on how sensitive they are, as well as being potentially damaging to our equipment. Please let us know if the venue you’ve chosen has one of these at the time of booking. Despite this, the AudioPimps have an excellent track record of playing venues with these devices and are better placed than most bands to deal with the associated issues.

 Try and avoid having the buffet served during the band’s sets as guests will leave the dance floor and the entertainment you are paying for will be wasted. If your event has run over (as many do) just make sure the wedding/event coordinator rearranges the band or buffet times.

 Try to encourage people not to come into the room in which the band is setting up, as it can spoil the surprise and can make us feel obliged to rush setting up. We like everything to be just right for your event so would prefer to set up whilst the room is empty of guests, plus it always looks a lot more professional if the band can just ‘appear’ on stage rather than having had the guests see us carrying our gear in casual wear. In a wedding scenario, this is usually when the room is ‘turned around’ for the evening’s entertainment or before the event starts.

 Have your first dance played around 5 minutes before the band are due to play as this ensures that all the guests are around the dance floor and in the mood to dance when we commence our performance

 Our best tip in relation to set times is to not assume that if your evening guests are arriving at 7.30 that you need the band to play as early as 8pm or 8.30. The best time to have the band start is around 9pm-9.30. Your daytime guests need to freshen up, and you need to greet and chat to the new arrivals, and they in turn need to catch up with the day guests. This can take a good hour or two. Also DRINK! People need to have had time to settle in and get a little tipsy before they’ll want to go and through some shapes on the dance floor!